I love the site it keeps getting updates (unlike other bundle sites) and its friendly to the developers with fast reply, and fast payout.

MGG Studio logo
Andreas LobergFounder of MGG Studio, Norway

Bunch Keys found my game right when I was running out of time. Now I have an actual worldwide player base and my brand’s visibility has finally started growing!

Acalamity Studio Logo
Glib ShakhovFounder of Acalamity Studio, Germany

I’m a very busy one-man-army with no marketing/promotion skill set. I can’t sell things effectively on my own, so Bunch Keys is very handy.

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Patryk SzalFounder of Xenturion, Polland

Bunch Keys take on collaborating with indie developers is very unique, I’ve always felt that every step taken was precisely executed and backed up by documentation.

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Brett PenzerFounder of BlockheadGames, United Kingdom